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GMP Federation

GMP Federation remembers fallen colleagues at COPS service

30 July 2018

The GMP contingent and families gathered at the Annual COPS Service of Remembrance this weekend.

This included the parents of Nicola Hughes and Fiona Bone. Forever part of our #PoliceFamily.

Bryn Hughes said: “I’ve come to remember my daughter, Nicola, and remember all the other officers who’ve died on duty. I think it’s quite important to remember them in that way.

“This is only the second time I’ve come since I lost Nicola. But it’s still the same, the same old faces and new faces unfortunately. It’s sad but in one respect it’s good that people have got that avenue to come and remember people.”

Bryn added: “COPS has offered me friendship and support. With COPS you don’t have to explain yourself. You’ve no need to tell your story. People get you. People are wearing the same badge, people are in the same club. And that’s what it’s about for me.”

The service was attended by more than 800 people and events took place all weekend for surviving family members.

Chief officers from all UK forces, the Home Office and staff associations were among those who took time to honour fallen officers and lay wreaths. The West Midlands Police band provided accompanying music.

Before the service, The Blue Knights motorcyclists arrived in procession to pay their respects. They were joined by more than 300 members of the UK Police Unity Tour who had cycled up in convoy from across the UK, raising a record £200,000+ for the charity.

Speaking after the service, DCC Pilling said: “It is really important that we remember those colleagues that have lost their lives over the years.

"And it’s really important too that we’re here to support the people that are left behind, whether that be partners, parents, brothers, sisters.

"We’ve all heard lots of stories over the last 24 hours of individuals who have lost somebody dear to them, whose lives have been turned around because of the support that COPS has offered. So it’s a really worthwhile charity and in Greater Manchester we’re really keen to support it.”


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