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GMP Federation

GMP Federation is 'changing with the times' says Secretary

28 June 2018

GMP Federation Secretary Craig Trow says times are changing and that the Federation is moving forward. To see more from the GMP Federation 2017 Annual Report visit; http://online.pubhtml5.com/ncsw/tnbs/

"I took over the role of Branch Secretary in July 2017 together with responsibility for delivering the new structure and governance of GMP Federation.

The long awaited Police Federation Regulations and Rules were signed off, and the new Home Secretary has provided initial optimism for the future of police funding. Whilst the main risk to our members has remained the reduction in officer numbers, we have seen a slow increase in recruitment.

This is offset by the threat of large retirement numbers, and we also have skilled and experienced officers moving to other forces in search of promotion.

More Diversity

For as long as I can remember the Police Federation has been a white, male-dominated organisation and we have worked hard throughout the past 12 months to increase our female and BME representation.

The National Election Arrangements have allowed for certain protections which helped us achieve an overall increase above the national average. This has allowed a number of officers to become workplace Reps and given us better diversity across the Branch Council and Board.

Group Insurance

The Group Insurance Scheme continues to provide excellent value for money to our members and we now have trusted broker Philip Williams & Co managing our scheme. It provides a number of excellent member benefits.

Support For You

In 2017, St Michael’s Police Treatment Centre at Langho, Lancashire, has been completed. This development is at the heart of the North West Police Benevolent Fund and is available to members who can receive in-patient and out-patient care at a first-class facility.

The fund provides wellbeing support, physical and psychological care in addition to financial assistance and convalescence breaks at their lodges in Windermere and Carnforth.

Looking Forward

Having said a final goodbye to Chair Ian Hanson QPM, I welcome his replacement Stu Berry and look forward to working with him towards reducing risk and demand on our members.

For the first time in the Federation’s history the Chair has been elected by the whole membership so Stu is your own elected voice on local and national issues."


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