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Detectives are 'pressured' and 'in crisis'

8 May 2018

Crisis, pressure, undervalued, stress and struggling – just a few of the words detectives are using to describe how they are feeling in the job right now according to the Police Federation of England and Wales.

The recent HMCIFRS PEEL Police Effectiveness Report backed up the feelings of detectives across England and Wales reporting a 17 per cent shortfall in the number of detectives required.

Its findings show the gap is being plugged with inexperienced, unqualified officers.

In a recent PFEW survey, 80% of detectives also said the job is affecting their mental health.

Karen Stephens, PFEW Detective Lead, says the dream job is now turning into a nightmare.

Writing in her blog she says words like’ frustrated’ and ‘crisis’ keep cropping up in her conversations with colleagues.

“What has happened to this role, one which used to be considered one of the most prestigious in policing?

“It’s quite simple; if you keep cutting officer numbers there will be fewer officers. And those fewer officers are now facing increasing levels of violent crime.

“Every detective I’ve spoken to has their own story and their own pressures and observations about the job.

“But they still carry on because they want to help people and secure justice for their victims – some of whom are our society’s most vulnerable.

“Despite everything, most of them still absolutely love their jobs.”

The kudos of being a detective has been eroded over the years, she said, to be replaced by high pressure and high workloads.

“Today detectives are facing unprecedented demands -they have case files full of some of the most serious offences.”

“When I joined, young officers could only aspire to becoming a detective.

“If you were good enough and perhaps lucky enough you too could make it to the mostly male world behind the door marked CID!

“As the kudos has reduced the workload has increased.”

Karen continues to champion the PFEW’s Detectives in Crisis campaign.

“I’m committed to ensuring that the voice of detectives is heard and that their reality is recognised,” she added.

For more on the PFEW’s campaign visit; http://www.polfed.org/campaigning/5402.aspx


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