90 days from today is Sat, 20 July 2024

GMP Federation

Bank Holidays

Following a lengthy but extensive legal argument at the request of the Federation, an agreement has finally been reached with the Force concerning the pro rata allocation of Bank Holiday hours for part time or reduced hour workers and the impact of Free Days when linked with Bank Holidays.

These discussions have been overseen centrally by PFEW as they have significant impact for those officers who work reduced or part time hours.

This comes into effect in force as of 1st January 2014.

It will work on the basis that all reduced or part time working officers with a negative balance will start with a "clean slate" as of this date in relation to their hours.

If as a reduced or part time officer you owed the force hours historically this will be expunged via DMS and you start as of 1/1/14 on zero.

If however you feel that the force owes you hours (historically) prior to 1/1/14 you may appeal the resetting of your hours to zero. It is important that officers understand that a detailed audit of their hours will then be examined by the force. Any appeal must be made through your local resource manager.

It is possible that as part of this process officers may be found to owe the force hours in which case these would be recovered by the force. It is important therefore that before commencing any appeal that you are certain and confident of any information submitted as part of an appeal as you will be required to produce evidence.

In certain circumstances some officers may be able to make a back claim stretching back up to six years.