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Right to carry forward leave to the next year and bring forward leave?

In the case of a member of a police force of a rank not higher than that of chief superintendent, the chief officer of police may, in his discretion and subject to the exigencies of duty -

a) notwithstanding anything in paragraphs (1) and (2),where he is satisfied that, in any leave year, the member has not taken the full period of annual leave specified in those paragraphs, grant the member, during the following leave year, additional days of annual leave not exceeding the number of days not taken, so however that he shall not exercise his discretion so as to grant more than 5 additional days of annual leave to a member unless he is satisfied that there are exceptional circumstances and that it is in the interests of efficiency to do so;

b) grant the member not more than 5 additional days of annual leave, to be taken in the last month of the leave year, subject to a corresponding reduction being effected in the member’s period of annual leave under paragraph (1) for the following year.

If an officer (including part time officers) has been unable to take all of his/her leave allocation in the year to end 31st March, s/he may apply to carry forward up to five days (40 hours). In practice, this is automatic. However, should the number of unused days be more than five the officer will need to account for why they have not been taken and, probably, specify when s/he wants to take them within the first few months of the next year.

If you find yourself short of leave, you can apply to bring forward up to five days from the next annual leave year. There will have to be good reasons.