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Gloucestershire Police Federation

Police Officers... you could be paying too much tax!

5 June 2024

Police Officers... you could be paying too much tax!

In the past year, 11,589 Police Officers in England & Wales have had their tax affairs checked by The Tax Refund Company…with 8 out of 10 Officers discovering they had been coughing up too much tax.
HMRC has so far refunded an average of £196.89 to these officers… although some Officers have recovered more than £1,500, with one Officer getting back £3,769.
In many cases, some, or all of the money being refunded by HMRC relates to time before a person became an Officer. In most cases, Officers have typically had another refund paid via their salary - and seen an increase in their net monthly pay as well.

David Malik-Davies, Director of the Tax Refund Company, said: "The issue is caused because most employed taxpayers assume HMRC gives them the right tax code each year, their employer sorts any issues if it is wrong and HMRC automatically sends them a refund if they pay too much tax.
"But none of these assumptions are right!

"In reality, it’s an individual taxpayer’s responsibility to check their tax code every year and tell HMRC if they’ve been given the wrong code, with HMRC giving taxpayers up to 4 years to do this.
"However, very few taxpayers understand enough about tax to be able to do this successfully and avoid the financial risks that come with dealing directly with HMRC."

The Tax Refund Company offers Police Federation members a specialist employee tax review.
The review is free of charge.
In the event members receive a tax refund following their review, there is a fee of 38p per £1 recovered from HMRC, subject to a minimum fee of £38. Fees are only payable in the event of a refund.  


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