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(L - R) PC PC Hollie Dewar, PC Gareth Crandon., PC Max Jordan, PC Lauren De Lancey

(L - R) PC PC Hollie Dewar, PC Gareth Crandon., PC Max Jordan, PC Lauren De Lancey

A team of officers from Warwickshire have been nominated for the National Police Bravery Awards 2023 after they helped save a man who locked himself inside his house doused in petrol.

On 17 September last year a call was made to police from a male stating he had poured the flammable liquid over his body and was intending to harm himself.

PCs Hollie Dewar, Lauren De Lancey and Max Jordan and Temporary Sergeant Gareth Crandon were deployed to the scene with little information about the occupants at the address as they had moved there recently from abroad.

He declined to give them details of his location and control room staff had to quickly identify where to send the officers.

Upon arrival the officers used their communication skills to try and help the man who had locked himself in his garage and find out where his family is.

At this point the situation escalated and the officers could hear the lighter clicking. Concerned for his safety and his family’s, officers broke into the property before negotiators arrived to calmy talk the vulnerable man down.

Now face to face with the man, he poured more fuel over himself and began to click the lighter.

The negotiators and accompanying officers were withdrawn and the plan to enter with the Fire and Rescue Service was put in motion with paramedics on standby.

Covered in petrol and still holding the lighter, the fire crew doused him in water, and he was restrained by officers safely and was detained.

Without their professional approach and intervention, the incident could have ended with very differently.

Warwickshire Police Federation Vice Chair Andy Morrissey said: “This was a very dangerous situation - the officers put themselves at great risk of injury or death. They had to squeeze past many flammable boxes to get to the male who was in mental distress.

“The officers told me how they could smell petrol while getting into the enclosed garage and knew the danger they were putting themselves in.

"This situation could have ended with a very different result if it wasn’t for their courage and quick thinking. The officers acted very bravely and remained composed and professional throughout this fraught situation.”

Warwickshire Chief Constable Debbie Tedds said: “As a force, we’re so proud of PCs Dewar, De Lancey, Jordan and Sergeant Crandon.

“They were willing to put themselves in significant danger to protect members of the public and they did so calmly, professionally and effectively.”

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