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A pair of officers who disarmed a dangerous individual threatening hospital staff with a knife have been nominated for the National Police Bravery Awards 2023.

PC Matt Dodd and PC Amy Hanley attended St Richard’s Hospital, Chichester on 4 April 2022, when they became aware of person who had armed themselves with a large knife and was endangering hospital staff.

Hospital security staff had initially attempted to contain the situation, trying to calm the individual and engage them in conversation.

When officers got to the A&E department, they were confronted by the person pointing a knife who was making threats and clearly posing a considerable risk to the safety of the NHS staff and members of the public.

Immediately recognising the significant risk, the officers bravely stepped forward putting themselves between the public and the individual, to prevent anyone from being injured and any harm being caused.

Consequently, the officers were able to utilise personal safety equipment effectively and ensured the safe detention and arrest of the individual and the successful recovery of the knife.

Sussex Police Federation Chair Daren Egan commented: “The quick actions of both officers to protect the members of public and staff inside the hospital, led to a fantastic result.

“A man with a knife was disarmed with no injuries to anybody involved thanks to PC Hanley and PC Dodd. We are incredibly proud of them both and the bravery and courage they displayed.

“Policing is becoming ever more difficult, and this shows the dangers our heroic officers face in order to protect the public every day.”

Detective Inspector Hutchings, who oversaw the subsequent investigation, remarked: “The threat presented in these circumstances was real and this was a very serious situation, with the potential to result in serious harm.

“However, the quick thinking and fast actions of the officers involved led to a safe conclusion. I am very proud and honoured to work alongside PC Hanley and PC Dodd.”

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