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A police officer and their dog who chased down a group of extremely dangerous men, even after having a gun pointed at them, have been nomination for the National Police Bravery Awards 2023.

On 30 November 2020 PC Adam Elwood and his partner PC Howlin were on night shift duty, searching for a vehicle that had been sought by police after pinging multiple ANPR cameras.

They were headed to the scene of a stabbing when they identified the vehicle they were searching for, coming from the direction of the crime scene.

They followed the vehicle for a distance before it made off at speed and a high-speed pursuit took place.

The vehicle turned into a dead end on a housing estate where it crashed and four males exited the vehicle and ran.

PC Elwood, with his police dog, PD Cruz, jumped out of the van and ran in pursuit at which point one male turned and pointed a handgun at PC Elwood.

PC Elwood recalled PD Cruz, before making a split-second decision to continue the chase despite the very clear threat to made to him.

The four individuals split up though PC Elwood continued his pursuit of one of them, who climbed onto the roof of a car to try and evade PD Cruz. The suspect was then detained and arrested.

The remaining three suspects were rounded up by other police units in the area. Officers searched the estate, the route taken by the car and the car itself, finding evidence, including a firearm, firearm magazine clip with bullets and an empty clip.

A subsequent investigation identified that the suspects had fired three shots at a group, injuring a woman and a man.

Were it not for the quick and selfless actions of PC Elwood, despite the threat made to his life, the suspect he was chasing would have potentially got away.

Metropolitan Police Federation Chair Ken Marsh said: “Adam and Cruz chased down a group of extremely dangerous men, even after having a gun pointed at them. That they managed to get these men off the streets shows immense bravery and commitment to the job.

“Make no mistake, this yet another example of the daily dangers our brave colleagues face on London’s streets. Adam ran towards danger, and I commend his courage and immense professionalism. We are very proud of him – he is a worthy nominee.”

Commander Fiona Mallon, head of Met Operations, said: “PC Elwood showed extraordinary courage in chasing four men, one of whom had threatened him with a gun. He acted selflessly and decisively to protect the public, not stopping until he had ensured the detention of a suspect. His bravery and commitment to keeping the public safe is outstanding.”

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