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PC Mike Davey

PC Mike Davey

Dog handler slashed by violent offender

Dog handler PC Davey (now retired), PD Bacca and other officers responded to calls about a man smashing shop windows and acting in a violent and unpredictable manner. It was reported as a possible burglary attempt.

The agitated man was in the middle of the street and when he saw the police officers he became threatening, wielding a large knife at them. None of the officers were equipped with Taser and the man displayed extreme behaviour and was in a distressed state, refusing to engage with PC Davey.

The officer believed that the man was intent on causing serious harm to others and despite the fact it was late at night, there were many people nearby.

In front of the officers the man started to furiously hack at his own neck with the knife, in a clear attempt to take his life. PC Davey stepped forward and deployed PD Bacca to disarm him. The man immediately slashed and hacked at PD Bacca, cutting the dog’s head and ear. PC Davey used Pava spray on the man as he continued to attack PC Bacca, but it had no effect.

The officer tried to physically take control leading to a violent struggle with PD Bacca and PC Davey.

The offender managed to break free and ran away, with PC Davey and PD Bacca running after him. PD Bacca caught the man and took him to the ground, where the man slashed him again. The offender broke free again, before PD Bacca caught him and kept him detained as PC Davey wrestled to disarm and handcuff him.

PC Davey suffered a deep cut to his right hand, which needed stitches. PD Bacca sustained several cuts and wounds to the head and neck, which also needed stitches. Both had medical attention but were released from hospital the same day.

This brave duo bravely refused to give up despite being violently attacked at knifepoint.

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