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Awards nominee: South Yorkshire

PC Paul Johnson and PC Craig Sharratt

PC Paul Johnson and PC Craig Sharratt

Cops risk own lives to rescue unconscious men from burning car

PCs Sharratt and Johnson were on their way to an incident when they came across an unrelated serious road traffic crash that had happened just before they arrived.

One of the vehicles was seriously damaged and the officers saw three men in the car who were not wearing seatbelts. All three were unconscious, with serious injuries.

A fire broke out at the front of the vehicle, which quickly spread beyond what could be dealt with by a fire extinguisher. With no thought of the risks to their own safety, the officers got into the car to bring all three people to safety, while the fire was quickly spreading. One of the men’s leg was trapped in the footwell, so PC Johnson tried for some time to pull at it until it came free, while the vehicle was quickly being ravaged by flames. The heat was so extreme that part of PC Sharratt’s baton melted. The vehicle could have exploded at any time.

Just as the occupants were moved to safety, the vehicle fully caught fire. The officers carried out CPR on the men whilst waiting for the ambulance and fire brigade. Sadly, two of the men died of their injuries but PCs Sharratt and Johnson’s brave actions gave them the best chance of survival and saved the third man’s life.

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