Police Federation

Awards nominee: Nottinghamshire

Nottinghamshire bravery nominees

(Top) PC Jennie Ellse and PC Matthew Crabtree (Bottom) PC Catherine Maunder-Green and PC James Campin

Officers slashed by two knifemen after burglary

Two offenders in a red BMW committed a burglary and fled. Following a short pursuit and having crashed in the area, they both ran off armed with large knives.

Officers searched the area with PCs Maunder-Green and Ellse finding both offenders under some bushes. The suspects tried to escape by climbing a metal fence but only one was successful. The remaining offender attacked the officers with a knife, slashing at PC Maunder-Green and cutting her cheek. The offender, still holding the knife stabbed PD Quantum several times in the head and at that point both officers jumped on him and a fight ensued, which resulted in the offender’s arrest.

PC Campin found the second offender in a nearby alleyway, when the man slashed him with a knife, causing a cut under his chin. He continued to slash at the officer, who punched him, and a fight broke out. The offender was still armed, and PC Campin was fighting for his life. During the melee he was joined by PC Crabtree, so the offender tried to attack both officers until he was overpowered and arrested.

The officers and PD Quantum made a full recovery, but it was a traumatic experience. Their bravery stopped two violent offenders from terrorising the public.

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