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PC Hailey Routledge and PC Paul Rowell

PC Hailey Routledge and PC Paul Rowell

Hero cops Tasered by distressed man

Staff at a university had called in mental health professionals to speak to a mature student who was acting aggressively on campus. He had been threatening staff and students before the crisis team arrived to carry out an assessment. The student started to become hostile to those who were trying to help him, so the police were called.

PCs Routledge and Rowell arrived at the scene to ensure he did not become violent and put those around him in danger. When the man was told he would have to be detained by mental health professionals, tensions boiled over and he tried to flee.

The officers stepped in front of him to stop him from leaving the campus, when a struggle ensued, and the student made a grab for PC Rowell’s Taser. He managed to get it out of its holster and discharge it, causing the barbs to penetrate the officer’s finger and send thousands of volts through his body. The shot also broke his finger, but PC Rowell still managed to help PC Routledge wrestle the man – even when he refused to loosen his grip on the Taser.

He managed to deliver a string of shocks to both the officers, with PC Routledge receiving seven separate bursts of high voltage electricity. Despite the attacks both officers refused to let go of him, and a member of university staff rushed in to help the officers detain the man.

During the struggle PC Routledge was pushed to the ground, fracturing her kneecap. Despite agonising pain she got back to her feet and grabbed hold of the offender. In spite of the significant injuries both the officers had suffered, they were eventually able to get the student into handcuffs without any injury to others.

The officers showed no regard for their own safety and put themselves in harm’s way to stop a violent offender from hurting members of the public.

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