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Awards nominee: North Yorkshire

PC Craig  Davies and PC Richard O'Connell

PC Craig Davies and PC Richard O'Connell

Officers tackle blood-soaked man brandishing a knife

Police received worrying reports of a man who appeared to be drunk or on drugs ripping up fence posts and making threats to kick in a door and kill a woman in a nearby house. The reports suggested that he was holding a knife.

PCs Davies and O’Connell quickly headed to the scene, where they found a six-foot-tall heavily built man standing in the doorway brandishing a knife, ready to stab anyone who came near. The man and the walls were covered in blood and the officers thought they were at a murder scene.

Concerned that there may be a victim who needed their help, PC Davies used his Taser on the man. He was so big and aggressive that even though Taser was used, the officers still had to grapple him to the ground, helped by a local resident.

During their efforts the officers were attacked by the man’s partner, who hurled wine bottles at them as they tried to gain control of the situation.

Even when other officers arrived on the scene, the man was still aggressive as he was put in a police van.

The officers did not give up in their struggle with a man who was out of control. Their actions undoubtedly prevented more harm.

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