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Awards nominee: Merseyside

PC Stuart Bratherton and PC Mark Patterson

PC Stuart Bratherton and PC Mark Patterson

Hero cops detain gunman

PCs Patterson and Bratherton were on uniform patrol when they responded to reports of a man brandishing a firearm and threatening a member of the public.

They saw the man’s car leaving the scene and pursued the vehicle, whilst providing a running commentary to the control room so firearms officers could also attend.

The vehicle came to an abrupt stop in a residential street, so the officers were left with the split-second decision; either wait for armed response or confront the suspect and protect the public from a potential gunman on the street.

The officers approached the suspect’s car, not knowing if he was going to point the gun at them, as he had done to the original victim. Due to their fast thinking and quick reactions they were able to detain him.

The officers searched his vehicle and found a handgun and an improvised explosive device, and the suspect was arrested. Because of the severity of the risk to the public an evacuation was called, and a safety cordon was put in place with the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Team requested to attend. They confirmed that the suspect bomb inside the vehicle was a “viable explosive device” and needed a robot to carry out a controlled explosion on the site.

A further search of the suspect’s home found another firearm and several other homemade explosive devices.

Due to the officers acting in such a swift, decisive and brave manner the suspect was stopped and the situation was diffused from a potentially serious threat to life.

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