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PC Kelda Griffiths

PC Kelda Griffiths

Injured officer fights off violent woman after hammer attack

PC Griffiths was on sick leave with her right hand in a plaster cast, after fracturing it arresting a violent man the previous week.

She heard a commotion in the street and saw a woman shouting and screaming, hitting windows with her hands and kicking parked cars. The woman was carrying a handbag and produced a large hammer, which she used to smash the front door window of a neighbour’s house.

PC Griffiths approached the woman and tried to calm her down, but she walked towards the officer swinging the hammer at her and screaming. PC Griffiths identified herself as a police officer, but the woman ran to her brandishing the hammer. A man then came out of his house and the woman ran towards him with the hammer raised, so the officer ran behind her and grabbed at her to get her to stop hitting the man, managing to get the hammer from her hands.

PC Griffiths fell onto the floor still holding the hammer, when the woman’s mother arrived and stood on PC Griffiths’ hand in plaster, preventing her from getting up. The woman then attacked PC Griffiths on the floor by gouging her eyes, pulling her up by her hair and biting her head. The officer could hear the woman saying, “yum can I taste your blood”. Fighting for her life, she managed to kick the woman and her mother away, threw the hammer towards the man and ran into a house. The police had been called in the meantime and the woman was arrested.

PC Griffiths went to hospital, where it was found she had badly damaged her knee, with every ligament sprained, the ACL ligament torn and the bone badly bruised. She also had a large swelling to the left side of her neck, bite marks to her head and back and a large bald area on her head where her hair had been ripped out.  

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