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Awards nominee: Cambridgeshire

PC Jess Farchica and PC Natalie Hines

PC Jess Farchica and PC Natalie Hines

Brave cops confront and detain man with knife

PCs Hines and Farchica were deployed to a welfare check on a man who was thought to be suicidal. Whilst on their way, they were made aware that the man was wanted for kidnap, so after completing their check the man was arrested but he immediately became aggressive and threatening towards both officers.

The suspect pushed PC Farchica away and grabbed PC Hines by her uniform, before he punched her several times. He ran to the kitchen and grabbed a 12-inch knife, despite Pava spray being used.  He ran towards PC Farchica with the knife, pinned her against the back door and raised the knife to her face. PC Hines ran to the front door and pressed her emergency button, while PC Farchica remained calm and appealed to the man who continued to shout in her face with the knife raised towards her.

The man ran with the knife towards PC Hines who was trapped in the house as the doors were locked. PC Farchica, now free of his grip, deployed Taser. PC Hines moved in and handcuffed him, before colleagues arrived to help.

The man wanted to cause death or serious harm to the officers, who both demonstrated bravery and professionalism, knowingly putting themselves in danger to protect others.

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