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Awards nominee: Avon & Somerset

Avon and Somerset bravery nominees

(Top) PC Clare Davies, PC Yasmin Kingdon (Bottom) PC Emma Sipson, PC Benjamin Schofield

Officers confront agitated man wielding a hammer

Police were called to a Bristol street after a man was described as swinging a hammer wildly in the air. There was great concern he might randomly attack people.

PCs Davies and Sipson arrived and unknown to them, the man had already hit a member of the public on the head with the hammer. They approached to speak with him to try to de-escalate the situation, but he didn’t respond. PCs Kingdon and Schofield arrived, but the man refused to put the hammer down and got more agitated. Members of the public could be in danger, so the officers tried tactics to control the man, whilst preventing other people from becoming involved.

The man was becoming more threatening and aggressive so PC Davies deployed Taser, but the thickness of the man’s jacket meant it was ineffective. PC Sipson then used Pava, which also had no effect. The man then stopped and faced PC Davies before he threw the hammer with full force at her, narrowly missing her head. Had the hammer hit her head, it could have been fatal.

PC Schofield approached, unsure of whether the man had any other weapons on him so used his ASP, which had no effect. The man tried to punch him, as PC Davies approached again and Tasered his legs. At the same time PC Kingdon deployed Pava, which together brought the man down and he was safely detained.

The officers remained calm and determined to bring the situation to a close safely, reducing the threat, harm and risk to all everyone in the vicinity.

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