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A Kent Police officer, who courageously climbed under a lorry to drag an injured motorcyclist to safety, has been nominated for the National Police Bravery Awards.

PC Grace and a colleague were called out to a road traffic collision incident near Bobbing in the county in January 2022.

The officers could see a motorcyclist had become trapped under a flat bed lorry following a collision. It was clear the rider had suffered significant injuries and was screaming out in pain.

The flat bed section of the lorry was resting on the motorcyclist and the officers knew he had to be freed immediately if he was to stand any chance of survival.

The officers managed to secure a jack to lift the lorry and together with the help of several members of the public they managed to lift the lorry from the ground.

In an incredible act of bravery, given the lorry could have crashed back to the ground at any time, PC Grace crawled underneath it to drag the motorcyclist to safety.

He then removed the rider’s helmet and performed CPR until ambulance crews arrived.

Amazingly given the state of his injuries the motorcyclist survived the incident.

Kent Police Federation Chair Neil Mennie said PC Grace’s life-saving actions made him a very worthy nominee for a bravery award.

“PC Grace showed exceptional courage to get to the motorcyclist and get him free from the lorry in what was a horrific incident,” he said.

“It was in constant danger as he did so, and I’m certain the rider would have died if he hadn’t of done what he did.

“We are all extremely proud of PC Grace, he is an exceptional officer and a credit to himself his family and Kent Police.”

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