Derbyshire Police Federation

Time to improve your diet?

16 June 2022

Police Federation members are being encouraged to take a step back and have a good look at what they eat.

In line with Healthy Eating Week, which comes to an end tomorrow (17 June), Police Mutual has created a factsheet to help members improve their diet.

With two in three adults across the UK now classed as overweight, there has never been a more important time to review what we consume.

This free downloadable leaflet contains a whole host of information that makes it easier than ever for members to boost their diet.

From cutting down sugar intake to increasing the amount of water drunk on a daily basis, the factsheet is bursting with hints and tips for readers.

The factsheet also gives members access to daily allowance nutritional information, while highlighting some of the health hazards that can come with a poor diet.

Healthy Eating Week conveniently comes at the same time as Men’s Health Week, with a separate leaflet also available to download showcasing the mental health and wellbeing of our male members.

From discussing physical health and mental wellness, as well as small changes you can make to live a healthier lifestyle, the Men’s Health Week fact sheet is jam-packed with useful information.

Police Mutual is a national organisation that provides financial and wellbeing support to the police family, as well as their loved ones.

Download the Healthy Eating Week guide.

Download the Men’s Health Week guide.


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