Derbyshire Police Federation

Specials urged to find out more about Federation membership

29 July 2022

Members of Derbyshire’s Special Constabulary are being urged to speak to workplace representatives or the Federation office team to find out more about the benefits of joining the staff association.

Chief Constable Rachel Swann and Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) Angelique Foster have agreed to jointly fund, for the first year initially, the subscription fees of Specials who wish to sign up for membership of Derbyshire Police Federation.

“Through a change in law, Specials can now access the representation, support and benefits afforded to members of the Police Federation and we are looking forward to welcoming them,” says Tony Wetton, chair of Derbyshire Police Federation.

“Specials are an important part of the policing family and give up their own time to help police our communities. We are pleased that the Chief and PCC have agreed to pay the subscription fees of any Special who wants to sign up to the Federation.”

The Police Treatment Centre (PTC), which offers physiotherapy and psychological wellbeing services to its subscribing members, is also offering an amnesty to Specials.

If a Special signs up to the PTC before 30 September 2022, they will be able to access treatment without the usual 12-month wait.

Find out more about the PTC.

Sign up for the PTC.


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