Derbyshire Police Federation

Samaritans Awareness Day on Sunday

22 July 2022

Are you a good listener? This year’s Samaritans Awareness Day is reminding people to take the time to listen to loved ones, and also reach out if they are struggling.

The awareness day is on Sunday (24 July) – a date chosen because Samaritans are there to listen 24/7.

In support of the awareness-raising campaign, Police Mutual has created a free guide for members, highlighting the importance of speaking out about mental health.

Complete with tips on taking care of our own wellbeing, the downloadable leaflet also offers advice on how members can help colleagues, friends and loved ones.

And, with research showing that emergency service workers are twice as likely as the general public to identify problems at work as the main cause of their mental health problems, there’s never been a better time to stress the importance of looking after our wellbeing. 

Police Mutual provides financial and wellbeing support to serving and retired members of the police family.

Download the Samaritans Awareness Day guide.


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