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‘Proud’ student officer kicks off career by winning award

22 November 2022

An award-winning Derbyshire student officer says he feels “very proud and privileged” to have been recognised for the ‘outstanding contribution’ he is already making to ensuring the county is safe.

Nathan Todd clinched the title of Student Police Officer of the Year at the Force Celebrating Achievements Awards, with the 22-year-old receiving the trophy at the event earlier this month.

The officer who joined the police in August last year via the Degree Holder Entry Programme was one of 13 people to win an award at the ceremony.

“I am very proud and privileged to have won,” says Nathan, whose passion for policing stems back to when he joined the police cadets when he was 14.

“It’s always great to be recognised for the work we’re doing, especially when we put in so much effort.

“My colleagues who nominated me said it was because of my work ethic as a Special - they said that my work ethic just seems to increase, it never stops.”

Inspired to join the police by his dad, a retired officer who worked in the Manchester force, Nathan says his ambition is to now grab any opportunity with both hands.

“Hearing the stories my dad told from the job when I was growing up definitely played a key role in me becoming an officer,” added Nathan, who has already set his sights on firearms training as soon as he gets the chance.

“I don’t think he ever thought I would follow in his footsteps, however, he says that I’m already topping what he did, by being noticed so early.

“I now plan on taking on as many opportunities as possible. I love work and I love doing over-time - I know it sounds silly but I really do enjoy being at work.”

Nathan says the biggest challenge he feels the police face is making sure the Force is ‘always doing the right thing for the public at all times’.

“Obviously that’s why we all join the police, so we can protect and serve the public,” he added.

“My time so far in the Force has been full on but it’s really interesting, mainly because it’s constantly changing - every day is really different, and I love that. I love being out in the public, providing a good service and helping others.

“But it’s always going to be a challenge ensuring that the actions we take are in the best interest of the public, and making sure they see that too.”




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