Derbyshire Police Federation

Members urged to register for ‘Better Sleep’ webinar

13 January 2022

Members are being invited to register for a “Better Sleep” webinar which aims to help people who have problems sleeping due to anxiety.

Oscar Kilo has organised the session which is being hosted by sleep scientist Dr Sophie Bostock and will focus on sleep along with mental health, exploring how the two are linked.

A total of four webinars are being held over the next few weeks, together forming part of a wider project called the “Better Sleep Toolkit”.

The scheme aims to help officers and police staff practise better sleeping habits which will in turn ensure they will not only wake up with more energy but increase productivity.

The webinar runs for an hour including a 15-minute question and answer session.

Sleeping with anxiety: how sleep and mental health are linked, and how to protect both will be taking place on Wednesday 19 January at 11am.

Register for the online session.


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