Derbyshire Police Federation

Frontline officers receive water bottles for NPCC Response Policing Week

16 June 2022

Derbyshire Police Federation has supplied frontline officers with printed water bottles to mark NPCC Response Policing Week.

Branch secretary Kirsty Bunn said the gesture was to thank members who perform difficult and demanding roles.

She said: “The water bottles are a thank you from the Derbyshire Police Federation to all response officers to celebrate the work they do and show appreciation of the role they carry out each day.

“These officers respond to hundreds of incidents across Derbyshire and are often the first face the public meet when out and about.”

NPCC Response Policing Week, which runs until Sunday 19 June, is a nationally recognised week where acknowledgement is given to Response Officers.

But it is also about making officers aware of the resources available to them and how they can help to address important issues such as fatigue, resilience and general wellness.

“Officers in on LPU response teams never know what situations they’ll be faced with when they come into work each day,” said Kirsty.

“They must be prepared to deal with a wide range of incidents, including complex and sometimes confrontational situations.

“No two days are the same so it’s important to raise awareness of this particular area of policing.”

The water bottles, which are feature the Derbyshire Police Federation logo, are being supplied to every LPU shift member, constables and sergeants and inspectors.


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