Derbyshire Police Federation

Alex makes Harriet’s day

30 June 2022

Derbyshire Fed rep Alex Boniface surprised one of his biggest fans when she visited his station in the hope of meeting her favourite cop.

Harriet, a 21-year-old autism sufferer who regularly watches Alex on Channel 5 show Traffic Cops, was expecting to chat with him online.

But the officer was at the station when she visited and made her day when he walked into the room.

Harriet had initially gone to Ripley police station with her mum Karina in the hope of meeting Alex there but was disappointed to be told by officer Darren Clarke that he was no longer there.

Upon seeing Harriet’s disappointment, he promised her he would contact his friend Sergeant Targ Nizzer at Swadlincote to set up a webchat with Alex.

Sergeant Nizzer contacted Karina and said he could arrange a Teams meeting between Alex and Harriet but could not meet up in person because of work commitments.

A very shy Harriet arrived at Swadlincote station with her mum and sat down at a desk to speak to Alex on Teams.

But she was overjoyed when Alex actually came into the room to pay his biggest fan a surprise visit.

Karina said: “The 10 or 15 minutes these officers have taken out of their daily duties will leave a lasting memory for life with Harriet and I would like to thank you from the bottom of my tearful heart.”

Watch Harriet’s reaction when Alex walks in.



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