Derbyshire Police Federation

Are you feeling stressed? Help is at hand

10 April 2022

A free downloadable guide has been created aiming to support members with their mental health.

The guide has been launched as part of Stress Awareness Month, an annual campaign each April, designed to help people understand the cause of stress and ways to deal with it.

Police Mutual has created a leaflet full of handy hints and tips for readers to help them better cope with any stress they are feeling.

The guide comes after a recent survey revealed that more than 74 per cent of adults admit to feeling stressed at some point over the last year.

The advice and information in the leaflet includes writing down worries, keeping a daily routine, identifying triggers, staying healthy and doing something enjoyable.

The guide also signposts readers to useful links, in case they need further support.

Police Mutual provides members of the police family, both current and retired, along with their families, with wellbeing and financial support.

Download the guide.


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