Derbyshire Police Federation

Reminder on face coverings

17 July 2020

The Force has secured a supply of cloth face coverings and will supply one to each officer and member of staff to use outside work on request.

It comes as the Government says everyone should cover their face in shops as well as on public transport and also at a time when officers are being reminded to wear appropriate PPE.

“We are backing the Force’s efforts to encourage everyone to work healthily and protect themselves and others,” says Kirsty Bunn, secretary of Derbyshire Police Federation, “More and more people are returning to work in Force buildings, including some officers and staff who are in high-risk groups, so it incredibly important that we all do everything we can to maintain social distancing, wash our hands regularly, wipe down keyboards and desks as necessary and also wear PPE in circumstances where social distancing is not possible.

“I know there are difficulties for operational officers but I still think we all have to challenge those who we see who are not wearing appropriate PPE or following guidelines. These guidelines are for everyone’s protection and for the benefit of our loved ones and the wider community.

“In a recent Force Silver Group meeting, an example was given from the Metropolitan Police where one person tested positive for COVID-19 and 40 people had to self-isolate. We want to avoid a similar occurrence here in Derbyshire.”

National Federation vice-chair Ché Donald has also this week called for officers to wear face coverings.

He said: “Evidence suggests that wearing a face covering does not protect the wearer, but if you're infected without knowing it, or asymptomatic, this can help prevent the spread of the virus if you cough in proximity to colleagues. The danger is, as the pubs reopen and the shops, a complacency can creep in that the virus has gone away - it hasn’t. It’s important that all of us continue to follow the guidance.”

Visit Connect to obtain a face covering.



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