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Praise for officers as head of ops support shares memories of 2020

15 December 2020

The head of operations support has thanked officers and staff for their hard work during 2020 and also shared her own memories of the things that made her smile in a tough and challenging year.

Temporary Chief Superintendent Tracy Lewis had responded to our request for a message to members for our December magazine.

But while her contribution missed our deadline – through our fault, not Tracy’s – we felt it was too good not to feature.

Tracy wrote: “What will you remember about 2020? No doubt every one of us will think about Covid and all its joys such as mask wearing, cancelled holidays, home schooling and queuing for toilet rolls. Some of us may think about personal worries such as health of loved ones or finances while others will reflect on what a tough time it’s been at work, changing shifts/duties regularly to help keep our service running or the real worry of becoming infected while out there in the community.

“But despite the negative memories that may come to mind, I know it’s still been a positive year full of things to feel proud of or to laugh about. So, what do I remember from 2020 that makes me feel proud or causes me to smile a little?”

Tracy’s list includes:

  • Bad hair do's – ladies with silver bits starting to appear at their roots and chaps with “my wife did this for me” haircuts
  • Dancing in corridors – as we all try to avoid each other
  • Promotion successes – for Jo Hurford and Lee Parkin (well done, again)
  • Policing during a pandemic – with every one of us rising to the challenge, working hard, making suggestions, showing flexibility and keeping the wheel on for our public. Although we aren’t the NHS, to which we owe so much, we too have helped save and improve lives this year through our professional and caring attitudes
  • Individual and team achievements – too many to mention as everyone has worked so hard but stand-out moments for me have to be Dave Holmes winning the Special Constable of the Year Award and John Perkins, the Police Staff Member of the Year Award. Dave and John, you are both inspirational people and we thank you for your public service this year
  • Vest-offs – in the height of the summer, the daily Management Team Covid meetings (with many having to work from home), saw an increasing number of summer vest tops being worn. The prize for Best Worn Vest has to go to Greg Hunt although it is winter now so he may need to put a jumper on now.

She explains: “These are just some of my memories but I know you will have many of your own. One thing’s for sure, 2020 will be a year none of us will ever forget. But with lots of fingers crossed, we are hopefully starting to turn a corner. Vaccinations are starting to roll out across the country, infection rates are dropping and yes, football fans have returned to the mighty Anfield, home of champions.

“So let’s look forward to 2021 with optimism, knowing that every one of us has played our part this year, still providing an excellent service to the Derbyshire public while combatting our own personal challenges and anxieties.

“Thank you all for everything you have done this year. The very best wishes to you and your loved ones for the festive season and the New Year.”


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