Derbyshire Police Federation

PPE survey

15 September 2020

Derbyshire Police Federation chair Tony Wetton is encouraging members to add their voice to a new study into the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) during the pandemic.

Officers and staff are being urged to contribute to a survey by Cardiff University and Operation Talla, the service’s response to Covid-19.

The survey seeks to gather views on the benefits of using PPE, potential barriers and why some people don’t use it as much as they did in the early stages of the pandemic.

Tony said: “The pandemic has impacted on so many aspects of our lives, not least the way we work and go about our daily routines. A big change in terms of policing has been the use of PPE by individuals, its procurement and the way it was distributed within forces.

“We’re encouraging members to take part in this important survey to help the Force understand your thoughts on the use of PPE during the pandemic, how it has helped and what can be done better in the future.

“The more members who do complete it, the more complete a picture the researchers will be able to build up.”

The survey aims to help the service develop a broad evidence base from which to procure PPE in the future, to improve communications and to provide a scientific basis for its use.

The deadline for completing the survey is Sunday (20 September). It’s anonymous and is designed for officers and staff who may have some need to use PPE in their current role. It should take around 20 to 25 minutes to complete and the results may be included in academic publications.

Complete the survey.

Please note you will need to use a Force computer to access the survey.


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