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Podcasts aim to address officer wellbeing

21 December 2020

Officers and staff have shared their experiences in a new series of podcasts aimed at encouraging discussions around police wellbeing.

The five podcasts cover cancer, working from home, managing change, bereavement and stress.

They’ve been produced by Oscar Kilo, the home of the national police wellbeing service, Humberside Police and Grimsby-based Fortis Therapy and Training.

Chief Constable Andy Rhodes, Oscar Kilo service director, said: “The types of issues officers can face can be some of the most difficult and challenging in society – they have the potential to see the best and the very worst of humanity, whilst trying to lead normal lives.

“These conversations are specifically about being in the police force and the personal stories, perspectives and ideas of the individuals within it.

“It’s really important to us to make these conversations as accessible as we can, at any time to offer people the opportunity to listen wherever and whenever suits them.”

Lee Freeman, Chief Constable of Humberside Police, said: “We want to inspire and inform officers, staff and the public, by creating a conversation and capturing the experiences of people within policing – their stories and the realities.

“We hope it will encourage understanding of self, others and wellbeing including ideas, strategies, tips and coping mechanisms and create a more informed narrative about being a member of the police force.”

Alexis Powell-Howard, of Grimsby-based Fortis Therapy and Training, is a BACP-accredited psychotherapist who hosts the series.

Alexis said: “We want these interviews to represent accurately how it is to be in the force, and for it to be easily accessible, to keep the wellbeing conversation going, in a fun, informal way.

“We are sharing personal stories, capturing ideas, strategies, and ways of maintaining wellbeing to hopefully inspire officers, staff and the public.” 

The episodes are available through most major podcast providers.

Find out more in the winter edition of the Oscar Kilo newsletter, which is out now.

The newsletter examines how you can improve the quality of your rest with the help of a series of webinars from Oscar Kilo and sleep scientist Dr Sophie Bostock.

The Better Sleep webinars aim to support police officers, staff and volunteers with sleep and fatigue problems.

The newsletter shines a light on Oscar Kilo’s Psychological Risk Assessment Programme and gives updates on its outreach service and its Wellbeing and Trauma Support Dogs project.

It also looks at the Oscar Kilo awards, its Emergency Services Trauma Intervention Programme and and its Peer Support initiative.

Find out more.


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