Derbyshire Police Federation

Physio available through the PTC

15 September 2020

The Police Treatment Centres (PTC) have now re-opened their doors and are using leading edge technology to accept new physiotherapy applications.

Mark Oxley, head of the PTC’s clinical services, said it was good to be back: “It’s great to have people back in the building and, although things are running slightly differently, people are getting on with it and we’re offering the best possible treatment we can.

“New physio patients will be offered an ‘Attend Anywhere’ appointment to address their condition. This is a new video platform the charity invested in during the closure and we think it offers the best remote consultation experience. It is designed to mirror a normal clinical consultation so will address patients’ symptoms and conditions and make sure they’re happy to come to the centre for residential treatment. Also, importantly for us, it’s a really secure platform.”

New applications for the Psychological Wellbeing Programme are not yet being accepted but, in preparation for when that also re-opens, a new, updated application form is required. Any new applications received on the old form will be rejected.

Members who subscribe to the PTC can apply for treatment through their website.


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