Derbyshire Police Federation

Let’s talk money: debt

19 February 2020

The Police Federation has published a factsheet on debt as part of its current officer wellbeing campaign.

The factsheet, compiled in association with Police Mutual, asks if officers are financially fit and allows them to access a free personal fitness plan via a 10-question, five-minute questionnaire. It also provides a link to a budget calculator to allow people to get an idea of what they spend each month.

It lists seven signs that could suggest someone has a debt problem such as: 

  • Using a credit card for essential purchases like food and bills
  • Constantly worrying about managing money
  • Being behind on your mortgage and not being able to catch up
  • Struggling to manage even minimum payments on a credit card
  • Being contacted about unpaid bills or missed payments
  • Relying on quick fix short-term loans
  • Borrowing from friends or family.

In addition, it gives tips on taking back control of your finances including working out a budget, setting saving goals and setting up a separate bill account.

The ‘Let’s talk money’ debt factsheet is the first in a series to be published by the Police Federation as part of its Hear ‘Man up’, Think ‘Man Down’ campaign on officer wellbeing.

Read the factsheet. 

  • If you are struggling to manage your finances, the Federation can help you access support. Please contact the Federation office by email or by telephoning 01246 252329.




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