Derbyshire Police Federation

Home Secretary puts on record thanks to officers

13 May 2020

Home Secretary Priti Patel has spoken of the exceptional job front-line police officers, staff and volunteers are doing in keeping the streets safe while meeting the challenges of policing during the coronavirus crisis.

Ms Patel has written a letter to the Police Federation of England and Wales in which she praises officers for their ‘extraordinary professionalism’,  ‘unwavering dedication’ and ‘incredible work’ in keeping people safe.

The Home Secretary wrote: You all continue, day after day, to courageously serve our country and I cannot speak highly enough of the bravery, commitment and sacrifices that you make each day during these difficult times.

“To help stop the spread of this terrible virus, we have asked the British public to put up with restrictions of their freedom and liberty we have not experienced in a generation. I know that the introduction of social distancing regulations has presented unprecedented challenges for policing, but you have all responded with extraordinary professionalism and unwavering dedication to meet the challenges posed by COVID-19, preserve your long-established relationship with the public and maintaining this country’s precious tradition of policing by consent.

“As we move into the next phase of controlling this virus, we will also continue to work together in enforcing social distancing measures. I will continue to ensure that you have the support, guidance and powers you need to respond to this evolving situation and maintain critical services.”

The Home Secretary acknowledged that there were individuals and families who had made significant sacrifices because of the virus, adding: “This extraordinary national effort has been quite remarkable, and I am grateful to everybody for playing their part.

“However, I am particularly grateful to you, our outstanding front-line police officers, staff and volunteers who continue to do an exceptional job in keeping our streets safe. You are still responding to all types of crime and working tirelessly to protect the vulnerable.

“As Home Secretary, I am deeply humbled by the commitment and self-sacrifice shown by you and your families and I would like to thank you again for your exceptional contribution so far.”


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