Derbyshire Police Federation

Help a charity that supports officers’ children

17 December 2020

Officers are being asked to consider giving a £5 donation to a Christmas appeal from a charity that helps the children of police officers.

The St George’s Police Children Trust offers support to children who have lost either parent – whether a serving or retired officer – or whose police officer parent is unable to earn an income due to illness or injury, sustained on or off duty.

The support can include:

  • A new beneficiary grant
  • A weekly support allowance for each child in the family
  • Seasonal gifts
  • Higher education grants
  • Ex gratia grants for necessary activities or items
  • Special needs grants
  • Driving lesson grants
  • Child counselling grants
  • A week’s respite at a holiday home in Harrogate and discounted rates for subsequent visits.

Click here to support the charity’s Christmas 2020 appeal or find out more about how you can help.




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