Derbyshire Police Federation

Focus on conduct work

16 December 2020

A number of police officers have shared their personal experiences of being subject to misconduct investigations.

The stories of four officers have been shared by the Police Federation to highlight the work that’s being done in the area by its conduct and performance sub-committee and branches across England and Wales.

The Federation has brought together videos, case studies and blogs which shine a light on the campaign work taking place.

The videos include an interview with PC Adrian Daly and his wife, as they talk emotionally about their three-year wait for him to be cleared after being falsely accused of assault.

Custody sergeant Jason Hayles recounts his three-year ordeal being investigated after restraining a violent prisoner, PC Brockwell reveals how a routine incident led to an Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) investigation, and PC David ‘Harry’ Carpenter recounts how deploying a Taser ended with him facing a probe by the police watchdog.

The campaign also outlines the work of Federation conduct and performance liaison officers (CAPLO).

The Federation’s conduct and performance lead, Phill Matthews, discusses what the updated conduct and performance regulations mean for members and has blogged on the challenges the conduct and performance sub-committee has faced this year and will face into 2021.

The Federation’s conduct and performance secretary, Tiff Lynch, has also blogged about working to make the conduct and performance system fit for purpose, and the risks of social media.

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