Derbyshire Police Federation

Financial support from PCU

20 April 2020

Police Credit Union (PCU) has put together some useful hints and tips to help officers through the financial difficulties that may be caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

PCU, which is part of the Serve and Protect group,  is a ‘not for profit’ financial institution set up by the police, for the whole of the police family and is open to serving and retired police officers and police staff and members of their households.

PCU Business development manager Rob Lovesey explains: “During times of uncertainty, finances can be the last thing on your mind. But, for many of our Serve and Protect family throughout the country, now is a time when their financial resilience becomes vital.

“Some are facing the possibility of their household income halving, others are suddenly having to arrange childcare, all while continuing to serve and protect our nation during this difficult time.”

In addition to the hints and tips, PCU has also compiled a factsheet for anyone seeking a payment holiday on a loan.

Hints and tips for managing your financial resilience.

Payment holidays.


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