Derbyshire Police Federation

Festive gesture from Federation

23 December 2020

Over the past three years, Derbyshire Police Federation has delivered a box of food to officers working a late shift on Christmas Eve to acknowledge the fact that they are away from their families and loved ones as the festivities begin.

The food has then be added to festive fuddles or buffets.

This year, due to the pandemic, the Federation decided not to encourage the sharing of non-individually wrapped food but still wanted to recognise those officers who work the Christmas Eve late shift but don’t receive any financial compensation compared to colleagues who work Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

So instead, the Federation is offering £5 per officer working past 10pm on Christmas Eve.

“As you can imagine this is a really difficult incentive to manage but I have asked all inspectors to let me know a supervisor or a point of contact for each team working past 10pm on Thursday. They will then be asked how many staff they have working on Christmas Eve and will be able to apply for a cash transfer on behalf of all the Federation members present for that shift,” says Kirsty Bunn, secretary of Derbyshire Police Federation.

“For instance, if nine officers and a supervisor are working the nights shifts starting at 10pm, we will pay £50 to that shift for food at a convenient time for them to use as they wish. They will be asked to provide confirmation of what has been purchased and provide a receipt of some form and then the appropriate amount will be transferred to a bank account of choice.”

The same initiative will be in place for New Year’s Eve too.




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