Derbyshire Police Federation

Festive fuddle proves a hit

28 January 2020

The Federation has received a number of messages from officers pleased to have benefited from the annual ‘Federation Festive Fuddle’.

Derbyshire Police Federation put together gift boxes of goodies including chocolate, biscuits and other snacks which were circulated to officers working the lates and nights shifts on Christmas- and New Year’s Eves.

“We just wanted to show that we appreciated many of our members would be away from their families during the festivities and do something nice for them,” says Tony Wetton, chair of Derbyshire Police Federation.

“This is the third year running that we have packaged up a few treats for members and delivered them to points across the Force. It has been really humbling to get messages from members thanking the Federation for its efforts.”

One officer said: “It’s the little things that make a huge difference at the moment and especially to those that are at work instead of at home.”

And another said: “Not sure who’s responsible for the care package, but it’s much appreciated!”

“Nice gift box!  Good work,” said a third.



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