Derbyshire Police Federation

Federation seeks feedback on women’s uniforms

28 July 2020

Women officers are being urged to let the Federation know their thoughts on their public order and firearms uniforms.

The national Federation is assessing the suitability of both these uniforms used by female officers and wants to hear their views – both positive and negative.

“I am keen to hear the thoughts from women officers who currently wear the kit but also those who have tried public order and firearms but encountered issues with the uniform and have therefore not continued with the role,” says National Board member Belinda Goodwin who is involved with this project, along with National Board colleague Gemma Fox.

“In particular, I’d like to know what people think of the fit. Have they been issued with male sizes, unisex or uniform specifically for women? It appears there is a lot of variance across the country. But to bring about change we must look at the evidence base.  The more responses we can get the better.”

Please email your comments to Belinda Goodwin at




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