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Could you help other officers?

26 February 2020

The charity Police Care UK has a mission to reduce the impact of harm on police officers and their families.

In addition to seeking to raise awareness of the dangers faced by the police every day and highlight how this impacts on officers and their families, it also seeks to provide ways for people to recover and rebuild their lives and connect with those who have been harmed because of their policing roles.

It has hundreds of Police Care UK volunteers working across the country to support police officers and their families but is always keen to attract more.

Support volunteers, who usually complete six to eight hours each month, act as a point of contact for the people the charity is caring for, checking to see if they are OK and helping them access support from Police Care UK.

As part of a drive to recruit more support volunteers, a number of introduction events are being held across the UK.

In addition to support volunteers, there are also roles for Police Care Champions, usually involving one hour’s volunteering a month, and Force Ambassadors, four to five hours a month.

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