Derbyshire Police Federation

Assaults pledge

18 August 2020

The Force has reiterated that officers who are the victims of an assault while on duty should not be investigating that assault.

A message has been put out on Chief Constable’s Orders following the launch of new guidance issued by the National Police Chiefs’ Council.

“This guidance stresses that officers should not be investigating any attack on themselves,” says Tony Wetton, chair of Derbyshire Police Federation.

“Statements can be taken on a tiered basis so an officer can write their own statement if the assault is very minor but if it is a serious assault then a detective should be taking the statement.

“We welcome the Force’s stance as this backs up the Seven-Point Plan on assaults which sets out its commitment to ensuring assaulted officers are treated with the same care as a member of the public who is the victim of an assault.  We also welcome the fact that Derbyshire Police Federation is now receiving more and better information about assaults and injuries suffered by our members, which enables us to put appropriate Federation support in place.”

Read the Seven-Point Plan.



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