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Devon & Cornwall Police Federation

NEW Devon Lead Rep talks about the Federation Group Insurance scheme

9 December 2020

Since my short time within post; I have encountered numerous incidents whereby officers have not been able to access potential help available to them by virtue of not subscribing to the Group Insurance Scheme.  Whilst I acknowledge that we are in difficult financial times as a result of COVID and also the fact that there is now a pay freeze on the horizon; this lack of this insurance cover can have devastating impacts. If you are not covered – you do not get the benefit. There are no exceptional circumstances!  This is no different to any other form of insurance policy.


By way of example; we have had officers who are off long term sick as a result of COVID and other protracted illnesses. After 6 months off sick, your full pay will drop to half.  After 12 months, you will not be paid.  By subscribing to the Group Insurance, you will receive 22% of gross salary as a top up whilst on half pay and 50% of salary when receiving no pay.  Can you / your family afford to live with a reduced / no income?  


We have also had recent cases where officers have encountered critical illnesses.  Such illnesses include cancer, coma’s, heart attacks, paralysis of limbs, strokes just to name a few, whereby the symptoms are permanent. This insurance covers the member, (their subscribing partner) or child (aged between 6 months – 18 years). None of us expect to get ill and simply hope ‘it never happens to us’.  But unfortunately it does, and when it does happen, such pay out can help towards hospital costs, accommodation, cost of living etc.


What about personal accidents? More too often, we encounter officers being horrifically assaulted on duty through no fault of their own.  In the last year as a CIM, I encountered officers being set upon by a dog which resulted in hospitalisation and also officers being threatened with knives; officers sustaining broken bones.  Did you know that officers can make a claim for temporary disablement; hospital benefit and offensive weapons assault benefit?  This is in addition to any compensation granted by the courts / CICA claims.


How many of you are owed compensation through the courts having been assaulted? The Group Insurance can help recoup these costs (up to £500).


And a big big one…  We encounter many officers who get caught up in misconduct / gross misconduct investigations whereby legal advice is needed.  The Federation Subs will only pay for this legal advice when the matter arise ON DUTY and RELATED TO THEIR DUTY.  Frequently, this is not the case and officers face outside matters relating to their personal lives or other matters not pertaining to their role. Recent examples include officers caught as a result of Operation Snap (driving offences) and WhatsApp Group communications.  The Group Insurance will thus provide you will the legal advice for these matters (up to £100k).  This could include representations at a Gross Misconduct Hearing.


In addition to the above key benefits; it also provides Life assurance; Best Doctors (expert second medical opinion); legal document services; Care First Counselling; Emergency Dental Cover; RAC cover; mobile phone / gadget insurance; worldwide family travel insurance.


Many of you will already pay for some of these benefits and it may be worth considering whether it is the time to re-organise finances and cancel old subscriptions for this consolidated package. For instance, I used to pay £15 a month purely for RAC Cover – now I get the whole lot for £25.16! 


For student officers who sign up in the first six months of joining – membership is free for the first 26 weeks. A reduced premium of £14.21 per month is payable from weeks 27-104. Thereafter it reverts to £25.16.  


If you wish to join this scheme or find out more, please email into the Federation Office and we can send you the application form or provide you with more information.

Best wishes

Suzie Vranch