Police Federation

Sussex: Brian Bridges

“My upper body was slammed forward and back, causing a pain in my neck”.

Brian Bridges was an officer with Sussex Police until 1984. There were two occasions in his career when the Federation were helpful to him.

“In 1977 I was with a specialist department at force HQ and was using my car on allowance.  I pulled up at a junction one day when a young lad in a Ford Escort ran into the back of me.  Although wearing a seat belt, my upper body was slammed forward and back causing a pain in my neck. I thought no more of the injury at that time being more concerned with the damage to my car. However, a few days later I was contacted by the federation rep who asked if I had considered a claim for the injury, which I had not. They then referred me to a doctor and a few weeks later I received a cheque for £150.

“The second, was when I noticed a very small show of blood when visiting the bathroom. My local doctor immediately sent me for an x-ray, which revealed a very dark shadow in my bladder and so I obtained a private appointment with a consultant urologist. Being somewhat anxious, to say the least, I elected to undergo a private operation, which cost £400 - about all I had in savings. While the problem turned out to be a benign growth, unbeknown to me my Superintendent contacted the Federation who in turn contacted the Welfare Committee who informed me that they would cover the payment.  I readily accepted this of course, but on condition that I repaid the sum involved, which I did in due course. I later wrote to the Committee expressing my most sincere thanks, a letter which was happily endorsed by my wife.”

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