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Avon & Somerset Police Federation


Generally, stress and poor psychological wellbeing is widespread in the police service. We are here to help.

Below are some resources for support and advice on mental as well as physical health, or please contact us.

General leaflets

Information leaflets relating to disability, equality and diversity, flexible working, harassment and bullying, maternity and adoption, part-time working and whistleblowing can be found on the national Police Federation website.

The Police Medical Welfare Service 

The Police Medical Welfare Service banner

Whatever your circumstances, or job role, we all face difficult challenges in life. Whether you are receiving care due to illness, struggling to maintain your mental health, injured or assaulted during the course of your duty, or just require some emotional support whilst under investigation or suspension; our independent experienced Welfare Officers will provide a confidential, impartial and early assessment of your wellbeing needs.If you are a police officer, PCSO or police staff member (or immediate family) of Avon and Somerset Constabulary you can access free, additional support through the Police Medical Welfare Service provided by DMWS.

View the Police Medical Welfare Service leaflet





National health and wellbeing leaflet

Health and wellbeing leaflet

Officers now work longer hours, have to manage incidents with less resources, have higher workloads and have taken on more responsibility - all the while needing to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle required to pass the annual fitness test. 

Ill health can affect anyone at any age in their lives, some issues affect both sexes, while some are gender specific. Both physical and mental health are serious considerations for the Federation. The aim of this booklet - by the national Police Federation of England and Wales - is to provide you with some useful information and preventative advice for a healthier you.

View the national health and wellbeing leaflet




Welfare Support Programme


The WSP offers a 24 hour 365 day a year telephone support line for you and your family where you can speak directly to our trained staff regarding the issues that concern you.

They are certificated in mental health first aid and are there to listen to your concerns and help you to get the best support available and have had training in police discipline procedures and post incident procedures.

Call 01354 669749 or visit the national Police Federation website for more information.




Information Leaflets

A variety of information leaflets covering Flexible Working; Part-time Working; Harassment & Bullying; Maternity Leave; Equality and Diversity; Disability and more are availeble from the national Police Federation website




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