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Avon & Somerset Police Federation

Avon and Somerset Detectives win National Award

At the National Police Federation National Detective Awards, held in Birmingham on the 9th October, 2019, a team of Police Officers won an award in the "Smarter Detective Award". The Award was for the Team that have taken the innovative and multidisciplinary approach to tackling child sexual abuse.

Topaz is Avon and Somerset Constabulary response to the challenges in investigating and disrupting suspects of Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) and recently Child Criminal Exploitation (CCE)

It started as a pilot project for Bristol in 2017 and as a result of the successful pilot was expanded in September 2018 to cover the whole force area.

The role of the team is to identify high risk suspects using risk matrix based on a wide range of police and partner agency intelligence. The Team have developed links with numerous partners and operate with the primary aim of protecting vulnerable people from harm and bringing offenders to justice. Prevention, education and prosecution are key with this work.

Avon and Somerset Police Federation Chair Andy Roebuck said, "This is a tremendous achievement and one that the team and force should be very proud of. Their relentless work to protect and safeguard some of our most vulnerable people is a very demanding job. It places huge pressures on these officers and their outcomes prove the significance of their work. To be recognised with a National Award is great for all that are on this team."

Police Officers from Avon and Somerset Constabulary have had continual success with the PFNDF awards over the past two years, with DC Chrissie Williams also winning an award last year. The presence of our Detectives at these awards demonstrates the professionalism and dedication that our staff employ into their work every day.