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Wiltshire Police Federation

Chair's Update

Chair's Christmas Message

20 December 2018

As the end of another difficult year draws near and we reflect on the continued challenges we have faced as police officers; reduced numbers, pitiful unfair pay awards, 100% increase in assaults on officers within Wiltshire and continuing changes in the way in which we operate it is easy for our moral to drop.  What we shouldn’t forget however is that despite these difficulties we have continued to offer the best service we can to Wiltshire residents ensuring we remain as one of the top performing forces.  This is not down to the planning of the Chief Officer Group or the Leadership of the Chief or PCC but to the efforts of every single one of you, grafting day in and day out.  I am so proud to be one of you and to have been at your side throughout the last year. 

Being voted in as your Chair was a great honour for me and I am determined to ensure your voice is heard as we move forward into a new year.  We will have the additional challenge of an uncertain political future and the implications of how this will effect policing and I will work hard to ensure I highlight any issues with our Leadership Team, within the press and with our MPs to keep up as much pressure on them as possible.  I will ask those uncomfortable questions and challenge without fear or favour.

I joined the Federation as I felt I could make a real difference for my friends and colleagues.  I have not always been impressed with the way in which things have been dealt with in the past or the service we have provided but from top down things are changing.  Finally in our National Chair we have someone who understands our job is to represent the membership and not ourselves.  This was demonstrated in the efforts made in the Federation’s campaign ‘Protect the Protectors’ resulting in legislation change that will see harsher sentences given to those who attack police officers.

I have started to publicise our new campaign “Did you know?” highlighting to you what you are entitled to claim under current police regulations.  It is important you become familiar with these entitlements and ensure you are treated fairly for the work you do.  We have been poorly treated over many years and it is time we started to utilise our regulations effectively.

We are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week no matter what time of year.  We are there for the public when our partners say they are too busy or have no resources, we can’t say no as there is no one else we can pass the buck to when others have let people down.  Wiltshire police officers are the first and the best – I will never stop saying that in every message I deliver as your chair.

We are a smaller gang than we have ever been therefore we need to ensure we have eyes in the back of our heads when it comes to looking after ourselves and our friends.  If you are working over the festive period I hope you have a safe shift, please look after each other.

Wishing you and your families a very happy Christmas.

Kind regards

Inspector Mark Andrews
Chair, Wiltshire Police Federation