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A Christmas & New Year Message from the WMPolfed Conduct & Performance Committee

23 November 2018

Winter Scene

On behalf of the West Mids Polfed Conduct and Performance Committee, may we wish everyone a happy and relaxing (where possible) Xmas and New Year.

For those of you working - stay safe

For those of you fortunate enough to have a few days off - enjoy

Why this message - every year we get asked why do we circulate something like this, and every year one or more officers get arrested over the Xmas/New Year period ...

So, again, a bit of advice to help keep your festive period festive and to avoid anyone meeting the on call Fed Rep and solicitor at Perry Barr/Oldbury etc ...

  • Don't drink and drive
  • Don't use your warrant card to travel on public transport unless it's to and from work - and not whilst you're under the influence of alcohol
  • Don't consume excess alcohol on an evening when you're on earlies the next day - keep in view your fitness to drive and work the next morning
  • Drink sensibly - if you're out in a group, look after each other
  • Don't give your personal mobile out to any member of the public you've met via your day job/role as a police officer - on duty or off duty
  • Don't go out socially with any member of the public you've met via your day job/role as a police officer
  • If you find yourself in a difficult/challenging domestic/family situation - walk away ...

Don't use social media whilst under the influence of alcohol - think before you hit 'post/send'