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West Midlands Police Federation

West Midlands Police Federation contact details

Workplace Reps

Workplace Federation Representatives - July 2018


Airport   0776 Chris COTTON  email Operations
Bilston   4331 Lisa BIRD  email CTU
Bournville Lane   9878 Dave HADLEY email Custody
    9533 Mark HAMBLING email Intel
    20186 Paul WELCH email Force Response
    6821 Sid JAMES email Force Response
                4575 Stephen GREEN email         FCID
Brierley Hill   115 Archie MURPHY email Force Response
    6050 Chris FARLEY email Operations - FST
    20428 Christopher JAMES email Force Support
    5583 Cliff Tomkinson email DY - NTF
Cosford   0015 John De-Hayes email Learning & Development
    8346 Paul SWAN email  Learning & Development
Coventry   6165 Adrian MURRAY email  CV - NHT
    3426 Alan O'SHEA email  CV - NHF
    2162 Dawn MURKETT email  NPU Coventry
    1329 Jason SAYERS email  Learning & Development
    4368 Julie FLEMING email  NPU, Stoke and Wkyen
    21420 Suki BAGRI email  Force Support
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Digbeth   6329 Simon WHEELER email  NPU
    20643 Matthew FITZGERALD email  NPU
Handsworth   3000 Nick SIMPSON email  BW & S - Neighbourhood
Harborne   8129 Warren HINES email  Investigations - FCID
Ladywood   20323 Darryl HORNCASTLE email  PPU
Lloyd House   2504 Donna MOORE email  FCID
    133 Eakbinder KAUR email  FCID
    1978 Deano Walker email  Birmingham Partnerships
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Nechells   1687 Peter Snape email BWC & S - NHT
Newtown   7658 Matt MINTON email  Response
    6219 Lorayne BROWN email  Force Response
Old Hill P/S Sandwell   1876 Giles DEAN email  SW - NHT
Park Lane   5679 Karl AGG email  Learning & Development
    Barrie PUNSHON (Collar No Withheld) email  Firearms
    4164 Sally SEELEY email  CI (co-opted)
Perry Barr   29965 Dan CHAPPELOW email  Investigations - FCID
    7665 John STOLZ email  CJC
    6979 Jon NOTT email Investigations - FCID
    4993 Rod ROSE email  Investigations - FCID
    9898 Jason DURNALL email  FCID
    1188 Steve Temperton email  PPU
Shard End   667 Dan WOOD email  NPU
Solihull   5456 Winston CHRISTIE email  Force Response
Sutton Coldfield   20195 Richard CARTWRIGHT email  Force Response
Tally Ho   2593 Adrian FORD email  Learning & Development
    5454 Trudy Gittiins email  FCID Investigations Training
Tipton   29997 Michael HORTON email  Force Support Unit
Wednesbury   2264 David POSTIN email  NHT Sandwell
    8345 Jean BRENNAN email  Information Management
West Bromwich   21796 Coralia Simina MUNTEAN email  Force Response
    6918 Karl MUMBY email  PPU
    1353 Stephen PARKES email  PPU
Wolverhampton   9233 Darren NEVILLE email  WV Organised Crime and Gangs
    5008 Karen Geddes email  NPU
    21287 Lee HAYWARD email  Force Response
    5287 Sarah THOMAS-WEST email  WV - NHT
    9694 Roy TEAGUE email  Force Response
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