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Northamptonshire Police Federation

Message from the Chair

24 September 2018

Chairs update on NPF Priorities



 A huge thank you for your contributions yesterday, I personally took a lot away from the meeting and thank you all for your honest and balanced input. (Local Council meeting 18th July)

 I hope that this message helps the new reps with what happens between now and our next meeting.

 Chair  – I will in the coming weeks personally meet with CC Adderley, DCC Swann, PCC Stephen Mold,  Supts Association and UNISON to discuss our priorities and offer the context around our decision making, agreeing the correct meetings and forums in which they can be progressed.  I will then ensure that at every meeting that I attend that these priorities are progressed.

 Secretary (Pat) – Will ensure that through any communication or engagement with the Secretaries office, that the priorities are understood and driven forward.


 Mark Osborn CaPLO

Charlotte Pateman H.S.E

Julie Potts Learning and development

Sam Dobbs Equality

 The leads will thread our priorities through their roles to ensure that as they navigate their primary Federation functions that our full membership is represented.

 Work Placed reps;

 To engage with your electorate, (your identified geographical locations) to ensure that the officers that you represent understand in which areas we seek to represent them and offer assurance that we are working on their behalf to improve their working conditions.

 By doing this the contributions of the Council meeting “live” and meaningfully progress until they are further reviewed at our next meeting.

 We continue to provide daily support to our members with a 24/7 on call facility available to members in need of support, these priorities and this process allow us to hold one consistent voice with the organisation from the Chief Constable through every rank, seeking solutions and an improvement to the working conditions for our members.

 Our Priorities

 Demand – In particular focusing on; Crime, supporting the Crime Process Review and Incident levels, supporting the reduction of demand and how to progress this. 

 Near Miss process – To understand why there is a perceived difference between the number of near miss reports and the number of near miss incidents.

 Operation Stereo – Challenging the use of officers who are not completing UDT who are then not appropriately deployed.  Challenging the direction of work streams for officers who are redeployed onto the misper unit and other teams for the duration of operation stereo.

 Pronto Training – 1310 days training through the summer period for all officers and PCSO which equates to approximately 15 people per day and fundamentally undermines the use and redeployment of staff under Op Stereo and the Annual Leave embargo.

 Night Time Economy Review – Specifically looking at The operational order itself “does it achieve the strategic aims of the Force “The officer numbers required to achieve this aim and how demand within the NTE can be reduced.

 Officer Welfare – This remains a constant priority for this Council and will feature in each and every decision that we take on behalf of our membership.

 I hope that this message assists, please use it or parts of it in any way to assist our members.